How findbox with Google saves you time

Thanks a lot for your interest in our all new findbox extension!
  • Save time: quickly pick your preferred website to perform a search on - so you can use your favourite secondary engines like YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon with just one click. Many more will come soon!
  • Simple to use: get enabled to find whatever you're looking for while reducing unneccessary clicks.
Chose your favourite and default search providers:
  • Be in control: Don't let your Browser dictate your search engine: find box makes this setting quickly accessible.
  • Google as default: your searches will be performed with Google Search.
  • Set your own search default freely in the settings menu using drag and drop. It's easy.
  • Use the onboarding configuration screen on the first Extension start, right after the installation, you can directly select all your favourite search providers and also define your preferred default.
findbox with Google as default search
findbox with Google as default search

All for One, One for All

Save valuable time and always use the websites you really need.

Just give it a try and PLEASE let us know your feedback.

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